Artist Biography


         Justine Lynn Bouchard was born and raised in Northern British Columbia in the Peace River Region. From a young age she enjoyed mark making and losing herself in creation. As a youth she begun to realize the cathartic qualities that expressing oneself through drawing has to offer. Art from that moment on has always been a healthy source of expression for her. In the last year of high school, she was voted to be the most artistic student by her peers and continued onto her first year of fine arts under the teachings of Laine Dahlen’s Visual and Graphic Communications Art Program. 

As a young adult she took a leave from pursuing her artistic goals but soon realized how intrinsic to her happiness creating fine art is. Diving brush first into her endeavor of creating representational pieces of work, she is currently motivated by ink on watercolour paper. This method has been well received by her peers. Entering multiple juried shows and winning awards has been a great motivation to continually pursue her own creations of aesthetic enrichment. 

Justine loves being in nature and captures compositions of interest through her own photography. She currently uses these images as visual reference points while attributing her sensory perception of the place. In September of 2019 she is one third of a team that is showcasing a diverse collection of fine art demonstrating a deep connection to the land of the Peace River Region. During this exhibition Justine became an Active member with the Federation of Canadian Artists. This achievement is furthering her exploration into flora and fauna drawing and painting. In the coming months she will be working on a new project in cooperation with B.C Timber Goats. Documenting, through an artistic eye, the regenerative effects goats have on our environment and culture by the practice of conservation agriculture on the landscape.